Caring too Much

        This week a friend posted something on Facebook about not caring about anything and being heartless. She got quite aggravated at me because I pointed out, and I recruited my boyfriend to point out there’s no way she can be heartless. We all belong to a private group and we’re straight allies for lesbians, […]

Is Loving Someone of the Same Sex a Sin Akin to Murder?

Last week a debate raged on my Facebook page while I was in the middle of moving. A gay friend had posted a sign on my page that said, “If you believe homosexuality is a sin, unfriend me now and save me the trouble.” I’ve posted similar status updates, but 1,500+ people have stayed around, […]

Friends, Angels, & Steel Magnolias

I have been very blessed to have many good friends in my life. Sometimes it’s very synchronistic when they appear. I know there’s a higher power at work because they are too good to be true. When I was a child and all alone, other kids would appear for me to play with, it seemed […]