Facebook: Not all that bad

       A guy I used to date was telling me he was swearing off Facebook because it was just drama, drama, drama all the time and people causing problems. I do admit, I’m not Facebook’s biggest fan, but the social media site is what you make it. If you set it up to meet women, […]

Caring too Much

        This week a friend posted something on Facebook about not caring about anything and being heartless. She got quite aggravated at me because I pointed out, and I recruited my boyfriend to point out there’s no way she can be heartless. We all belong to a private group and we’re straight allies for lesbians, […]

Is Loving Someone of the Same Sex a Sin Akin to Murder?

Last week a debate raged on my Facebook page while I was in the middle of moving. A gay friend had posted a sign on my page that said, “If you believe homosexuality is a sin, unfriend me now and save me the trouble.” I’ve posted similar status updates, but 1,500+ people have stayed around, […]

Don’t Ignore Those Feelings in Your Gut!

Sometimes, I know way down deep in my bones when I’m about to make a huge mistake. My stomach has a giant knot inside it and my mind is very conflicted. It’s because I’m not staying on the path intended for me and listening to outside influences. You would think by now I would have […]

Girl’s Night In

Since Blondiva, that’s me, and Hollywood have finally settled into domesticated roommate dramatic bliss, we are officially broke. Going without food for a month was difficult. Hollywood needed a comforter set and items for her bathroom. It set her back some. Luckily, I have great friends who helped me out and we managed to squeak […]

Accepting All People and Embracing Diversity

I just finished taking my first online class. Yes, there was a big sigh of relief following that sentence. I have many more to go to get my degree, but I’m proud of what I learned about myself in this course. It was designed just for that reason. PSY 202 is a course to help […]

Too Much Hollywood for Blondiva

I never thought in a million years that Blondiva would meet the male version of Hollywood, but I did. Ironically, he’s dating the female Hollywood and she is all giggles and grins these days. You would think she is 17 again from the way she acts when he’s around.  Of course, he’s blonde and has […]

Memories and Revelations

Going back to college has been a challenge with all of the other changes happening in my life, but it has brought back some bittersweet memories of how I started attending college again as an adult in 2011 in the first place. A good friend and mentor was driving back from a divorce hearing with […]

Friends, Angels, & Steel Magnolias

I have been very blessed to have many good friends in my life. Sometimes it’s very synchronistic when they appear. I know there’s a higher power at work because they are too good to be true. When I was a child and all alone, other kids would appear for me to play with, it seemed […]