Caring too Much

        This week a friend posted something on Facebook about not caring about anything and being heartless. She got quite aggravated at me because I pointed out, and I recruited my boyfriend to point out there’s no way she can be heartless. We all belong to a private group and we’re straight allies for lesbians, […]

Is Loving Someone of the Same Sex a Sin Akin to Murder?

Last week a debate raged on my Facebook page while I was in the middle of moving. A gay friend had posted a sign on my page that said, “If you believe homosexuality is a sin, unfriend me now and save me the trouble.” I’ve posted similar status updates, but 1,500+ people have stayed around, […]

Girl’s Night In

Since Blondiva, that’s me, and Hollywood have finally settled into domesticated roommate dramatic bliss, we are officially broke. Going without food for a month was difficult. Hollywood needed a comforter set and items for her bathroom. It set her back some. Luckily, I have great friends who helped me out and we managed to squeak […]

Accepting All People and Embracing Diversity

I just finished taking my first online class. Yes, there was a big sigh of relief following that sentence. I have many more to go to get my degree, but I’m proud of what I learned about myself in this course. It was designed just for that reason. PSY 202 is a course to help […]

Memories and Revelations

Going back to college has been a challenge with all of the other changes happening in my life, but it has brought back some bittersweet memories of how I started attending college again as an adult in 2011 in the first place. A good friend and mentor was driving back from a divorce hearing with […]

Friends, Angels, & Steel Magnolias

I have been very blessed to have many good friends in my life. Sometimes it’s very synchronistic when they appear. I know there’s a higher power at work because they are too good to be true. When I was a child and all alone, other kids would appear for me to play with, it seemed […]

A Palace for a Princess

Blondiva and Hollywood are still searching for a place to hang their tiaras. It’s not easy being a diva and finding a suitable place to live on our budget. Hollywood’s mother told her about a basement apartment and the price was right. We both got together on Monday and went to take a look at […]

Blondiva & Hollywood On the Move

A few of my friends liked the characters, Blondiva and Hollywood, from the blog about New Year’s Eve. So, I thought I would make the characters into a blog series. I have had my share of moving since 2000. Blondiva is ready to settle down, but it looks like it’s going to be a while […]