If I Ever Find a Place to Live I’m going to Nail My Feet to the Floor

If you are/were a fan of legendary newspaper columnist and writer Lewis Grizzard the title of this blog will have a ring to it. Grizzard left his home in the Atlanta, Ga. area and moved to Chicago. He was out of his element there.
I moved from Ga. to Wisconsin, and after a year, I loved it, but I wasn’t as entrenched in my southern roots and was ready for an adventure.
It was actually the move back to the south, and Auburn, that was a major adjustment for me.
Lewis and I were quite the opposite in that respect.
One thing I am looking for is a place to hang my hat on a permanent basis. Rent in Auburn, a place geared for college students who usually have alternative means of paying rent, is difficult for a single woman who receives $613 in disability each month.
I avoided another close encounter with a toxic roommate who sucks you dry.
Thankfully, I have a temporary roof over my head, and believe me, I appreciate it more than you know!
After the psycho roommate, the roommate who didn’t want a roommate, and a near miss with a guy who thought having feces all over the bathroom and flies and gnats buzzing around the kitchen was normal, this woman is ready to live alone.
He wanted to be my roommate because I’m not homophobic. My hygiene boundaries were beyond his grasp, so he went his way and is still looking looking for a gay friendly roommate. I wish him the best!
Unfortunately, there’s nothing available in a safe, clean area in my price range.
I’ve called the housing authority and they aren’t giving out vouchers for section 8.
If I do finally find home sweet home, I’m going to nail my feet to the ground and stay planted for a very long time. I miss my bed.





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