Just Call Me Grace

Just when you think you’re getting your act together and things are going to work out well, boom you go and land flat on your face on your bathroom floor. Well, that’s sort of what happened to me a couple of weeks ago.

I was so happy to be back in Auburn among friends and adopted family members. First, I caught the virus that was going around, then I caught then cold that lasted several weeks, that had also been going around. I never realized how many germs were here in the past 😉 So, I was stuck in the bed for almost a month, but at least it was my bed.

Just as I was able to get out of the bed, my online college classes were starting again. I was just getting my strength back and my mind wasn’t able to concentrate on the American Government Politics class I was assigned to take. I have special accommodations and the instructor, an attorney, didn’t understand them and wanted to negotiate. When you have disabilities, it’s already a touchy subject, but someone wanting to take them away makes your anxiety level even higher.

Add to all of this, my cramped living quarters. My roommate was living in this apartment for six months and she didn’t want a roommate. She told me this when I met her, but it’s not the way these apartments work. We live close to a university campus and they are sort of like dorms, but they don’t had a curfew, RA, and they have a swimming pool, tennis courts, workout room and a sand volleyball court. So, all my things are crammed into my 9 x 10 bedroom. Now this living arrangement is much better than my last one and I’m not complaining, but it led up to “the disaster.”

I was working on my assignment for class and needed something to drink. My dog’s crate wasn’t were is was supposed to be placed. I went to step over it when my right foot didn’t quite make it. The rest of me went sprawling. My right side took the brunt of the fall. When my head and face hit the wall/door jam and my chin and nose hit the floor something popped really loud. Things went black for a few seconds, but I didn’t lose consciousness. I just stayed where I was for awhile and assessed the situation. There were no bones sticking out, check. No teeth broken, check. No blood, gushing from anywhere, check. Then I started my checklist with what I could move. Everything except my neck and right knee got a check. I had a wave of nausea, but it subsided.

This is not the first time I’ve fallen. I fainted when I lived in Auburn before, got a concussion, and was in bed for two weeks. I missed a trip to the beach with my boyfriend, when I tripped in the Kroger parking lot and had a hairline fracture in my kneecap. Throughout my adult life and childhood I’ve had sprained and twisted ankles galore.

This time around, I didn’t want to go to the emergency department because it was late on a Saturday night and I didn’t have a ride home. A friend in England talked me into going and said he would send the money for the taxi fare in the “post.” It was $35 including tip because taxis aren’t an everyday thing in Auburn and Opelika and I live many miles from the hospital.

I am not impressed with the ER at East Alabama Medical. They almost let me die there two times, but Gloria Bowman saved my life. They were great when I was having an allergic reaction to a medication and when I had a kidney stone and the time I had pneumonia, but the other 12 times, they were awful. I’ve been there with my daughter and other friends and they were terrible. My former husband went in after a car crash and had a concussion. They didn’t even tell us he had one or what to do about it. Now I know anyone who takes a wallop to to the head and is acting dazed and confused has a concussion.

For the past two weeks, I have been dazed and confused and in tears at times from the sheer frustration. I drove somewhere and why I went there. The doctor has told me not to drive and wants me to see a neuropsychologist. They called to make the appointment. My co-pay is $150. I can’t pay that much for a doctor. So, I’ll just have to struggle to make sense of things. People with far worse memory loss do it every day.

I’m going to see a pain specialist and have physical therapy for my neck and probably my knee too. The ER didn’t do much, but when I saw the orthopedic dr., he diagnosed me with a strained ligament and I have been in a knee brace ever since that Tuesday. The next week, he sent me to the neurosurgeon who ordered the two MRIs. When you have a concussion it’s difficult to eat too. So, take note of that symptom–nausea.

I had to withdraw from school. I’m beginning to think somebody is trying to point me in another direction. Clearly, they have to hit me over the head to stop me from doing it. There are many other adventures to look forward to this summer of 2013. I’m moving in the middle of July to a bigger apartment and will have a roommate who appreciates me. Frank, is a gay friend and he needs a roommate who isn’t homophobic,ended up that’s me. We’ll be able to look out for each other.

Hopefully, Grace won’t make another appearance anytime soon.



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