Facebook: Not all that bad

       A guy I used to date was telling me he was swearing off Facebook because it was just drama, drama, drama all the time and people causing problems. I do admit, I’m not Facebook’s biggest fan, but the social media site is what you make it. If you set it up to meet women, and you get too many hens in the coop, there’s going to be trouble. Women aren’t stupid, we check each other out. If somebody shows up on our man’s page and likes a post, we’re going to see who they are out of sheer curiosity.

I’ve noticed that some couples even have Facebook pages together more and more. It cuts down on other women trying to pick up your man and vice versa. If you’re on Facebook to be sociable then there have to be some kind of limits people set for themselves or it’s a free for all and it gets out of control, like a wild single’s bar on a Friday night or a redneck bar with a bunch of drunks. You know the police are going to have to break up a fight or a few.

The people who are on Facebook to play the games it offers and sometimes these two groups get crossed over 😉 are there for company and because they want something to do with their spare time instead of watching television or reading a book. They make friends with other gamers, build armies, help each other out and sort of become a support group for each other. I’ve made some of my best friends and “Sisters” from this group of people.

Then there are the social activist on Facebook. They may fit into all three groups at times. 😉 Whether they have a religious, social or political cause, there’s an agenda. It’s to spread a message and the more people on Facebook they can friend the merrier. This is especially the case if they need to raise money for their cause.

Of course, among these groups exists public and private groups who really want to help people in need. So, this is where I find one of my favorite redeeming qualities of Facebook. I found my adopted mom in this group. She’s a social activist with a heart of gold..

This next group is where you find the bottom feeders. There are men and women on Facebook who pose as friendly, everyday, run-of-the-mill people who are very lonely and need a friend. They go after people of all shapes, sizes, and income levels and make an intimate connection. They tell you their spouse was killed, usually in a car crash and so was their child (or they never had a child), and they are so lonely. They make the first connection and you may not hear from them for a week or two then they show back up ready to fall in love with you. They use every line in the book. Flattery like you’ve never heard in your life! When you back off, they pursue harder and will resort to tears to get you to fall in love with them. Just when they think they’ve got you and are going to come visit you from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, California or whatever far off place they say they’re in, something happens with their money. Imagine that! They need your financial information to help them get a loan or want to send you money orders and have them cash them and wire them the money. These are called romance scams.

I have first hand knowledge because this guy with the sexiest French accent called me for five weeks When I googled it and it was all there, spelled out in perfect details. David, or whatever his name was, was a fraud.

So, it’s up to you to take Facebook or leave it. There are too many people I care about on there to leave it. I’ve known these people for the past four years and grown to love them and their families. It’s what you make it. I put what I want to on my page and if you don’t like it, don’t look at it. Everybody has that same option.sunset highland


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