Dreams Really Matter

Some people go to bed at night, they have fantastic dreams with interesting characters, but they never write them down. A few weeks or months later, that character shows up in real life, and they may experience a feeling of déjà vu or wonder where they have seen them before.
I learned a long time ago to pay attention to my dreams at night. I even kept a journal of certain dreams because I knew they were significant.
I started telling people about some of them because I knew they were going to come true.
I hated the sad ones when loved ones were going to die. I did appreciate the one on Christmas Day when I dreamed my mother was going to call and tell me my aunt had passed. She had cancer and we knew it was going to be at any moment so when I woke from the nap, it was no surprise.
Now, my former husband and I had this interesting connection. We would be dreaming the same dream at the same time and wake up making love to each other. This may be too much information, but you have to wonder how this could happen. We would discuss in detail the dreams and who we were, what we were doing and how we ended up in the situation. Most of the time he would ask me to marry him and I always laughed. Maybe those dreams had an underlying message. 😉
When I moved to Auburn and started attended the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, there was a dream class and it drew me in. It was called Natural Spirituality and the teacher, Dale Harrison, taught me so much about what my dreams were telling me. It was based mostly on Jungian theory with other knowledge thrown in there. Joyce Rockwood Hudson wrote the book we read and studied out of during classes. The other book was by Jeremy Taylor.
When classes were over we joined the dream group and kept our journals to discuss our dreams.
It was all very enlightening. I’m not in a group anymore, even though one meets in Auburn. I still keep my journal and have the occasional discussion, but some of my dreams are better kept to myself. Being single has shifted my gears and I’ve had an awakening that no one is ready to hear about. It’s not sex dreams, they’re mostly spiritual in nature. A connection dream occurred the other morning and scared me witless. See there’s more going on in our dreams than we know about.
The Bible talks about dreams and interpretation. So, whomever sends these dreams, whether God or our Higher Power(s), we need to pay attention to them because they still have meaning. They are sending messages that are important to our every day and spiritual lives.
Learning the correct way to interpret a dream can be a bit tricky. There are so many books out there that can lead you down the wrong path. The first question I ask people is what does this figure or animal represent to you. There are some images like water and colors that are standard most of the time.
Understanding takes time, but it’s definitely worth it!



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